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Managing Client Risk

We adhere to the following directives and laws:

WEEE Directive 2003
Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest growing element in the municipal waste stream. There are many hazardous substances used in IT equipment including lead, cadmium, mercury, bromine compounds and arsenic.

Disposal poses a real threat of pollution to our water, air and land.

The EC has issued the WEEE Directive that aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment. 

The WEEE Directive sets targets that 65% of IT equipment must be recycled and materials such as CRT's, LCD displays, printed circuit boards, batteries and flame retardant plastics be pre-treated before disposal. By using our services, your organisation can provide demonstrable compliance to the WEEE Directive. We already exceed the WEEE Directive requirements.

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that wastes are consigned to registered carriers and properly stored and disposed of at appropriately licensed facilities. Directors, Managers and other employees who deal with environmental waste matters can all be held liable and face fines and imprisonment if laws are broken.

Landfill Regulations 2002
The Landfill (England & Wales) Regulations 2002 came into force on 15th June 2002 to reduce the negative environmental effects of landfill. Certain hazardous wastes are prohibited from landfills and pre-treatment of wastes prior to landfill is required.

IT Reuse ensures our clients meet all current UK/EU legislative requirements for:

  • Data protection legislation
  • Waste & environmental regulations
  • Health & safety regulations
  • Software licensing laws
  • Provide records & data for clients’
  • Sustainable / CSR data to meet client needs