IT Asset Valutation Tool

The IT Reuse "Asset Valuation Tool" can determine the value of your old technology.

The Valuation service provides equipment values and also helps to predict potential costs associated with servicing your End-of-Life equipment. You'll discover an easy-to-use four step process that allows you to choose your equipment for disposition, along with the services needed to finalize the process

Step 1 - Enter asset details. To proceed, click "Update Item".

Processor type: e.g. Pentium 4
Memory size: e.g. 512mb / 1024mb
Hard Disk Size e.g. 60gb / 120gb
Media Drive type: e.g. CD / CDRW / DVD-R
Screen Size: e.g. 15inch / 17inch - please do not use (")
Operating System: e.g. Windows XP Pro
Power Adaptor included:
System Restore Disks
Do you want Hard Disk Granulated or Erased